My Niece Alison (Continued)

You can never get enough!

Some mostly 2007 photos of Ali. Yes, the years are ticking away...


Ali helps Grandma celebrate her 64th birthday during early October. Wearing her favored purple, Ali probably uttered at least once “Ohhh, Grandma!”


There was a litle “Indian Summer” action the fall of 2007 so the family and friends went to the Jersey Shore for one final beach day.. Here, Alison tries to bury uncle. Her close friend Megan is in the background.


Playing in the water, my sister and I try to keep Ali from being swept out to sea...


I can’t stand Scooby Doo but Alison loves this cartoon. I think she is about to explode with happiness from this costume! (Halloween 2007)


My mother wanted to experiment with Ali’s hair and give it soft, long curls rather than the usual braids. The first step — unleash the beast!


The curlers are in, now we wait. And try to get Ali to sit still...


The final product! She's awful pretty but next time we need to tighten the curls up some. Hey, it was the first attempt!


Easter 2007: Really, she needed all that candy. Poor deprived child.

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